3TT: Community, Cooperation and Convergence

The Sarathi Development Foundation aims to empower children, adolescent girls, women, and communities by placing them in the driver’s seat of the development process. Beginning as a technical resource organization, we grew to focus on supporting and facilitating a process for our constituents to command the development process on their own by integrating the wisdom and resources of the children, adolescent girls, and women that we serve.

LabStorm: Provide a Framework to Elicit Meaningful Feedback

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is the world’s largest sexual and reproductive health organization, leading a locally owned, globally connected civil society movement that provides and enables services and champions sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. Working with 152 partner organizations to deliver 175 million sexual and reproductive health services in over 45,000 service delivery points in 172 countries in 2015 alone means that systematically gathering client feedback is no small undertaking.