Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Feedback Labs’ mission is to support philanthropy, nonprofits, and other social sector organizations to regularly listen and act on feedback in high-quality, equitable, and inclusive ways. These supported organizations will exchange information and share power with people at the heart of their work for more effective and equitable outcomes.

Feedback Labs supports the fight for racial justice. Read our statement.

Our Vision

We envision a more equitable and inclusive world, where people can determine the programs and policies that affect their lives, grounded in evidence, free from systemic barriers, discrimination, and exclusion, and where resources are directed to where they are most needed, as defined by people and communities themselves.

In this future, existing top-down power structures in philanthropy, nonprofits, and other social sector organizations have been replaced by community-driven decision-making and these organizations regularly act on the feedback they hear to foster greater and more equitable impact.

Our Values

1. Listen first. Adapt second. Include always.

We embody our mission by equitably seeking feedback and incorporating what we hear into our actions and decision-making.

2. Be overly collaborative.

We are intentional about seeking out diverse stakeholders and supporting them to work together. We focus on what’s best for the field as a whole, not just ourselves.

3. Leverage power where it lies for a more equitable society.

We use our influence in the field to work where we can leverage and change existing power structures to shift decision-making toward greater equity.

4. Demonstrate low hierarchy and extreme accountability.

We believe everyone we encounter has the ability to contribute, and we support each other by following through with our commitments to our team, partners, and mission.

5. Delight, amaze, and fail forward with ease and grace.

We strive to serve our members, our mission, and each other in a way that feels magical.