Learn About the Loop

Feedback Fundamentals will walk you through all six steps.

Feedback Fundamentals: Right, Smart, Feasible

Welcome to Feedback Fundamentals. In this series, we’ll be getting back to the basics and highlighting what it means to “close the loop.” Whether you’re well versed in the jargon or new to the feedback community, this series will introduce you to ideas, frameworks, tools and approaches that we believe are essential for a strong feedback practice. Feedback Fundamentals is all about building a strong foundation and realizing a vision of listening to the people you seek to serve.

Feedback Fundamentals: Buy-in

Buy-in is the process of building support for your feedback initiative among the various stakeholders who will be involved.

Feedback Fundamentals: Design

In a feedback context, the design step is when you create the plan for the rest of your feedback loop.

Feedback Fundamentals: Collect

When you get to the collect step of a feedback loop it can feel like the rubber is really hitting the road. After all, this is the step in which you actually ask for feedback!

Feedback Fundamentals: Analyze

The purpose of the analyze step of the feedback loop is to look at the raw data you have collected and try to extract insights or patterns from it.

Feedback Fundamentals: Dialogue

Dialogue is the step where you go back to the people from whom you’ve collected feedback and ask them what their feedback means.

Feedback Fundamentals: Course Correct

Course correcting is changing your actions in line with the feedback you’ve received. Course corrections can involve major shifts in strategy or easy but important adjustments to how you work.