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Feedback Labs connects members with the knowledge, community, and tools to grow their organizations’ feedback practices. 

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Feedback Labs is a nonprofit organization that believes people are the best experts in their own lives and they should ultimately drive the policies and programs that impact them. We host a network of 600+ Feedback Champions committed to making feedback the norm in aid, philanthropy, nonprofits, and government worldwide.

Whether feedback’s role in your work is entirely new to you, you have a feedback practice that’s not yet systematic, or you are listening, acting, and closing the feedback loop every time this community is for you!  As a  global community, we welcome organizations of all sizes, sectors, and missions to join the feedback movement.

Feedback Labs offers two types of membership: Free and Premium. Free Members receive access to a variety of events, research, and support just by creating a member profile. If you want to take your feedback practice even further, we encourage you to join as a Premium Member where, for just $350, you’ll gain access to additional benefits, discounts, and one-on-one support from the Feedback Labs team.


Ready to join a community that’s making feedback the norm in the government, aid, philanthropy, and nonprofit sectors? You’ve come to the right place! 


*Feedback Labs encourages prospective members to review the Membership Terms & Conditions or speak with a Membership Concierge before purchasing a membership.

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Feedback Labs offers free and premium memberships for professionals to take their feedback practice to the next level. Sign-up in just five minutes by creating a profile above.


A full breakdown of benefits by tier is below:

Feedback Labs Member Portal 

Get access to all of your membership benefits and profile management in one space through a secure login.

Feedback+ Summit Discount

Each premium organization gets a 50% discount off one ticket to Feedback+ a year + 10% discount on any additional tickets

Member Profiles 

All Feedback Labs members will be listed publicly on the website member list. All members can browse other member profiles . Members have the option to share their social media and emails on their profile for networking purposes.

Access to all Feedback Resources 

Premium members get access to all Feedback Labs resources including feedback guides, research, tools, consultants. Premium members will also get discounts on select paid resources.

Blog Authorship

All Feedback Labs members have the opportunity to pitch an article for our blog that is read by thousands of readers a month!

One-on-One Feedback Support

As a premium member, you get access to a one-on-one feedback support call with feedback labs once per year, plus a discount on additional support for your feedback work. 

Attend and Present at LabStorms

Join biweekly collaborative problem-solving sessions where  members convene to help a fellow member organization tackle challenges in their feedback projects.

Monthly Community Calls 

These once-a-month calls are a unique space for community members to facilitate a peer share session, host a panel discussion or share a research presentation on their feedback work!

Access to basic feedback resources

Feedback Labs members have access to resources to support their feedback practice.

Discount on Training 

Premium members get a 10% discount on all Feedback Labs trainings.

Feedback Quiz 

Take our feedback quiz to  identify your organization’s strong and weak points on the feedback loop and how you stack up compared to peers.

Feedback Quiz Insights 

After your organization takes the feedback quiz, Feedback Labs will benchmark your quiz data for your organization and offer additional insights and guidance in a 1:1 call.

Membership Badge 

All members will get a membership badge to add to social media platforms, email signatures, and other platforms of their choosing.

Access to all free benefits


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