Why Feedback Matters

Better Outcomes

Feedback improves project outcomes and peoples’ perceptions of aid. What evidence do we have to prove this? There are some great examples of feedback improving outcomes in the Smart Thing paper. See research papers and case studies on the value of feedback here.

Equity & Justice

The feedback community is founded on the idea that building feedback loops is the right thing to do. If our goal is to serve people, we should respect them and their opinions as equal and valid in decision-making processes. High-quality feedback loops create trusting relationships where clients and service providers are equal, respected players in change-making. When people’s concerns are respected and responded to, feedback can be a force for equity. But it must be done right. Want to learn more about how feedback can support equity & justice?

Information is Power

Armed with the right information, people can achieve striking improvements in their lives. Yet information alone does not empower — information empowers only when social and emotional factors induce people to reinterpret it.

In this report, Feedback Labs, Omidyar Network and GlobalGiving unpack that process, drawing on hundreds of books, papers and real-life examples.