Our Work

In order to make feedback the norm in aid, philanthropy, nonprofits, and government, Feedback Labs collaborates to create incentives, support tools & training on feedback, and foster a community of people and organizations committed to listening.

What We Do

Create Incentives

We work with others in the sector to build incentives that motivate people and organizations to build strong feedback loops in three ways: by co-creating standards for feedback, analyzing organizations’ feedback practice against these standards, and giving rewards to organizations that carry out feedback loops in their work well.

Support Tools & Training

In order to make feedback the norm in the public service sector, we work with our members to curate feedback tools that are easy to use and collaborate to create accessible training on every stage of the feedback loop.

Build Community

Achieving our mission would not be possible without the support of the greater feedback community. Hundreds of organizations are working to use feedback loops in their work, and we learn and grow with them every day by hosting regular learning and brainstorming sessions (we call these ‘LabStorms’), facilitating discussion through our blog, and hosting in-person Summits several times a year.

Examples of our work

Creating Incentives: The Feedback Quiz

Feedback Labs developed the Feedback Quiz so that organizations could see how their feedback practice stacks up against their peers. Currently, quiz takers can choose to feature their responses on their Charity Navigator and Guidestar profiles, so they can show the world how they listen. By incorporating feedback loops into existing nonprofit rating systems, we can motivate people to prioritize feedback practices within their programs and organizations.

Supporting Tools & Training: The Feedback Crash Course

Feedback Labs designed the Feedback Crash Course to give frontline practitioners the knowledge, skills and tools they need to listen and respond to feedback from the people they seek to serve. The Crash Course teaches the basics and helps participants solve specific feedback-related challenges they face in their work.

The Crash Course has been delivered to frontline practitioners in the following cities:

  • Washington, DC
  • New York, NY
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Oaxaca, México

Building Community: Feedback+ Summits

Feedback+ Summits bring together the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners, funders, and researchers working to close feedback loops in aid, philanthropy, nonprofits, and government.

These events aim to ignite widespread community experimentation and collaboration among organizations that are working to improve people’s lives by collecting and responding to constituent feedback. Past Summits have kindled relationships and led to collaborations. One of such collaborations was the Core Principles of Constituent Feedback, which launched when a group of organizations came together during the 2017 Summit to put together guidance on good practices for carrying out feedback loops that foster effective, equitable, safe listening.