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Achieving our mission would not be possible without the support of the greater feedback community. Hundreds of organizations are working to use feedback loops in their work, and we learn and grow with them every day.

Community Activities


LabStorms are collaborative brainstorm sessions where community members come together to wrestle with a particular organization’s feedback-related challenge and come up with solutions. LabStorms are held biweekly at the OpenGovHub in DC and are also virtually accessible for community members around the world. Guests are also welcome to attend.

Feedback+ Summits

Feedback+ are conferences that bring together the world’s leading changemakers in philanthropy, aid, and governance to ignite widespread community experimentation and collaboration on constituent feedback. At these Summits, the community shares research and ideas, workshops common problems and collaborates on constituent feedback projects.

Crash Courses

Feedback Crash Courses are interactive workshops hosted by organizations within the feedback community and supported by Feedback Labs. Each Crash Course teaches participants the basics of feedback and key skills to build strong feedback loops with the people they seek to serve.


The Feedback Blog is hosted by Feedback Labs and features content from members of the feedback community around the world. In the Three Things Thursday series, community members write about three key learnings or steps for good feedback. In the Ecosystem Op-ed series, community members delve deep into a theory or idea around feedback. And in the LabStorm series, Feedback Labs recaps each LabStorm session with key takeaways for the community to consider.


The Feedback Newsletter is a bi-weekly culmination of what’s happening in the feedback community. It features recent articles from the Feedback Blog, as well as trending articles that community members are excited about. The Feedback Newsletter also features upcoming opportunities within the community!