Meet the Team

Alexis Banks


Associate Director of Learning and Operations

Annie Grier


Director of Community and Equity

Britt Lake


Chief Executive Officer

Megan Campbell


Senior Director of Programs and Strategy

Sarah Fonticiella


Operations and Training Coordinator

Sophia Johnson


Community Associate

Alejandra Ona



Jessica Moy


Feedback Trainer

Berilee Moussata


Summit Coordinator

Michael Gale


Field Building Consultant

Susan Ganira


Community Intern

Dave Algoso

Open CoLab


Alen Amini

Boston Consulting Group

Management Consultant

Sabrina Hargrave

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Director of Programs

Heather Lanthorn

Social Science Research Council


Jean-Louis Sarbib

World Bank

Former Senior Vice President

bryan simmons

Bryan Simmons, Board Chair

Arcus Foundation

Vice President – Communications

Dennis Whittle



2023 Equity & Feedback Fellows

Alastair Lawson

Maine Youth Action Network

Crystal Lawrence

April Parker Foundation

Karen Quinteros


2023 Feedback Champions

Anne Meysenberg

Omaha Community Foundation

Jaime Vazquez

Omidyar Network

Jeremy Page

The Bail Project

Jordan Reeves

Video Out

Natalie K. Garcia

Sustainable Seattle

Ronnie King

MyVillage Project

2022 Feedback Champions

Ariadna Godreau Aubert

Ariadna Godreau Aubert

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico

Chioke Mose-Telesford

Chioke Mose-Telesford

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

Elaina Mulé

Elaina Mulé

Charles Schwab Bank

Martine Hippolyte

Martine Hippolyte


2021 Feedback Tools Accelerator Fellows

Tonee Ndung


Vijay Sai Pratap

Gram Vaani

2019-2020 Feedback Fellows

Doussouba Konate

Accountability Lab Mali and Niger

Ilse Berenice Garibay Dueñas

Organismo de Nutrición Infantil, A.C.

Sanjay Fernandes

SOLE Colombia

Yvonne Petrasovits

Doorways of NWFL

2018 Feedback Fellows

Shondra Muhammad


Isadora Hastings Garcia

Cooperacion Comunitaria AC

Korvi Rakshand


Yotam Polizer


Rudra Neupane


Careers at Feedback Labs

Launch your career alongside some of the best and brightest minds in aid, philanthropy, and government. We expect everyone at the Labs to contribute above and beyond their job description, improve their skills, and advance their careers. We are committed to supporting our team members on that journey.

Commitment to Diversity: We understand that there are numerous reasons why someone would read a job description and, despite “checking off most of the boxes”, decide not to apply. Research supports that self-selecting out of potential professional opportunity is particularly common among individuals with minoritized identities or identities that are marginalized in professional spaces such as BIPOC individuals, LGBTIQ+ individuals, persons with a disability, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals with a history of institutionalization (e.g. incarceration, immigration detainment, inpatient treatment, or chronic hospitalization). If you question whether or not you would be a “good fit” for Feedback Labs, please engage in an initial conversation with the position contact at [email protected]. Feedback Labs intentionally creates environments that value “culture add” over “culture fit”. We invite you to share how your unique identities, background, and experiences could add to our team.


Experience: We know that there is research that shows that wom*n and members of racially minoritized groups are less likely to consider anything other than full-time paid (mostly W-2) employment as “experience”, leaving out part-time employment, contract work, volunteer work (even senior level, such as board membership), self-directed projects, entrepreneurship, or internships (paid or unpaid) as “experience”. However, at Feedback Labs, we are interested in all the ways that you have acquired, developed, and mastered knowledge/content areas, skills, and abilities.

When we ask a behavioral question (e.g. “Tell us about a time when…”), you may draw from any experiences that you believe are relevant and fully demonstrate your success in meeting the competency.


Feedback Labs encourages applications from people of all races, genders, orientations, ethnicities, backgrounds, and identities, and strives to ensure inclusive and affirming benefits for all. If you need assistance or accommodations to fully participate in the hiring process, please contact us at [email protected]  

Every FBL team member:

Owns their Role

You will take on real responsibility for overcoming challenges from day one. You will make noise, reach for new opportunities, and move the Labs forward.

Has an Entrepreneurial Spirit

You make smart, fast decisions and iterate on the results. You’ll have the freedom to experiment because we know you’ll find a way to succeed.

Expects Excellence

You’ll hold yourself to a high standard, and we’ll support you to achieve it. When the cards are down, you’ll jump in and help propel the team to new heights.

Perks and Benefits

Feedback Labs provides excellent employee benefits and a fun, flexible, and healthy work environment.


Career Development

We ensure that all staff receive in-house training and opportunities to develop new skills through challenging on-the-job assignments. We provide resources for external workshops and conferences to help team members meet their personal missions and grow in their careers.


FBL offers flexibility to accommodate employees’ individual schedules and support their efforts to maintain a healthy balance between serving our shared mission and pursuing personal passions.

Fitness Perks

All FBLers have unlimited access to the building’s well-equipped gym and twice-weekly yoga classes.


Full-time salaried employees enjoy a robust benefits package that includes:

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage
Disability and Life Insurance
401(k) matching contributions
Vacation and Personal Leave
Flexible Spending Accounts


Listen to FBL staff speak about FBL’s unique work culture in this episode of “Better than Most,” a series on The Business of Giving podcast that features the best places to work among social good businesses and nonprofit organizations.