Stella Wang


Tools and Training Intern

Stella is the Tools and Training Intern at Feedback Labs. She is responsible for supporting training initiatives, improving the Feedback Quiz, increasing training accessibility, conducting outreach, documenting impact stories, maintaining the Feedback Fundamentals database, and developing a feedback audit model.

Prior to Feedback Labs, Stella worked as a college counselor and an English teacher in China. Stella is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Learning Sciences and Technologies. There, she has explored multiple projects, such as designing a language learning app for Chinese international students studying in the U.S. and developing an AI tool for ESL teachers to give feedback on student writing. Stella also designs and develops e-learning classes at Sustainable Living Guide.

In her spare time, Stella enjoys watching reality shows, playing board games, hanging out with furry friends, and taking Zumba classes.

Core Belief

Inclusive and engaging education can empower individuals and transform communities.