How strong is your feedback loop?

Most social development organizations believe it is important for people to have a meaningful voice in the programs that affect them. But how many really listen effectively? And how many respond to what people say? Take 10-15 minutes to take the following quiz to learn how you can listen and respond to your constituents by mastering the art of closing the feedback loop.


Note: We want to make this quiz better for you, so will be asking for feedback along the way. Be on the lookout for blue boxes that denote feedback questions! 


How was this Quiz made?

This Quiz is the collaborative effort of Ashoka Changemakers and Feedback Labs. It is based on the Hirschman Voice Cycle from Keystone Accountability’s Constituent VoiceTM methodology.

Where do my answers go?

The results from this Quiz will direct you to relevant resources in the Feedback Labs Toolkit to strengthen areas needing improvement. Your results will not be shared publicly; only you will be able to see your results and can decide if you would like to share them with the Feedback Labs community.

How should I approach this Quiz?

Before you begin, check out a few Quick Tips to keep in mind.

1. Think of Your Organization as a Whole: While answering this Quiz, think of your organization as a whole and not just about a particular project you are involved in.
2. Click on Glossary Terms: You may come across some unfamiliar terms. Click on the terms at the top of the page to see how Feedback Labs understands these core concepts of the feedback loop; or check out the full glossary here!
3. Approach This as a Learning Opportunity: You may find that not all questions are relevant to your organization or your specific role - but that's okay! Use this time to think about how your organization can grow or develop partnerships to support a fully closed loop. Consider taking this with another staff member in order to get a fuller picture of your organization.
4. Be Honest with Yourself: Remember that honesty and a spirit of critical reflection are essential for learning and authenticity. The field of feedback loops is just beginning, and nobody is yet doing this perfectly. Let's learn together to understand what works best!