3TT: Understanding the Role of Power

For all the talk about human-centered design, one very human factor often gets overlooked — a basic understanding of how power operates in relationships between people. This lack of understanding by design students and design teachers results in wasted funding, poorly prioritized projects, and broken promises to the very communities that are being served.

3TT: Using Feedback to Guide Your Social Change Campaign

The Mobilisation Lab is a global learning and collaboration network to equip progressive movements and leaders to adapt and thrive in the digital, people-powered era. A key aspect of that work is improving the way all of us in the social change world plan and implement campaigns so that those campaigns are much better grounded in the needs and motivations of the people we’re trying to inspire to take action.

3TT: Give It Time

In the social services world, feedback has long been a pain point. We often don’t have the time or money to build formal feedback loops into program administration, and we usually gather it from written surveys and informal conversations. The problem is, the forms get filed away in a drawer and the feedback is biased.