Reimagining Climate Action Through Feedback

The first 2019 Democratic presidential debate agreed more than any group of candidates that came before: our time to address climate change is running out. Air time on such a platform itself is a resounding success for environmental advocates and scientists alike, but if it doesn’t ultimately engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process then these national conversations won’t have the positive impact we intend. You know what we call soliciting opinions from those most affected by an issue? Feedback.

3TT: Work With Your HR and Measurement Teams to Improve Your Feedback Loops

How often do you hear from your team or colleagues that collecting and responding to client feedback takes too much time? Time that they don’t have. Or, have you struggled to convince your colleagues that accountability to affected populations is everyone’s business, and not just the responsibility of the MEAL manager? Sound familiar? Let us look at some ways in which we can tap into existing business processes within your organization to make responsiveness a priority..