Closing the Loop

Feedback Labs (FBL) is embarking on a new blog series, Closing the Loop.  Based on the experience and insights of our twenty members and many other “friends” of the Labs, we will use this series to explore the role of feedback in the world of aid and philanthropy.  We tie together what we know (and don't know) from theoretical and empirical research, giving you informed views and provocations on why closing the feedback loop can be:

  • The right thing to do
  • The smart thing to do
  • The feasible thing to do

Feedback Fundamentals: Right, Smart, Feasible

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A mid-term update from our Collaboration Fund Winners

The Open (Data) Market

Open licensing privatizes technology and data usability. How does that affect equality and accessibility?
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A mid-term update from our Collaboration Fund Winners

Feedback: an Origins Story

Why does feedback mean different things for different people?