Three Things Thursday is a weekly blog series where feedback innovators describe three specific components of their feedback practice that they think makes them successful. These straightforward but profound practices help the Feedback Labs community understand how they can integrate closing feedback loops in their own work. If you would like to contribute to the blog with your own Three Things, submit your ideas here or drop Meg a note at [email protected].

3TT: From data-to-action: how can we close the feedback loop for Ugandan police services?

Citizen feedback is essential in improving critical public services, in particular in the justice sector of developing countries. Think about…

3TT: Behaviour Change in the World of Feedback

Derek ThorneMarch 15, 2017
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Why would citizens bother to give feedback? This is something I wrote about last year…

3TT: Break Out of The Survey Box! Creative Ways to Solicit Community Input

Organizations that are taking feedback seriously face a conundrum: they want to solicit more feedback from more people, but know…

3TT: Humanitarian Sector 2.0

As a hub of humanitarian professionals, the Interagency Research and Analysis network aims to make the humanitarian sector more strategic.

3TT: Knocking the Hood Off the Monk

The hood, they say, does not always make the monk. But in cases when it actually does and you need…

Let the Children Speak

The 'C' in C-Sema stands for Civic driven change brought by children. Sema is the Kiswahili word for Speak. At…

3TT: Feedback Comes in Many Forms

Feedback comes in many forms. This can be a particularly important realization for a young social enterprise. At 990 Consulting,…
design methodology

A Design Methodology that Relies on Feedback

Our mission at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) is to make business model transformation safer and easier to manage.