Memria is a social enterprise that harnesses the power of voice by capturing feedback and personal experiences through audio, photographs, and text, at a scale otherwise impossible to manage manually. Memria’s tools help partners to build story-sharing projects for insight and engagement. Clients capture stories from constituents and share them either anonymously or with their names. Clients can then review and publish these feedback responses onto their public project page, social media, podcasts, etc. Voice and audio can provide additional and specific forms of insight.

Fast Facts

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Electronic surveys

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Tech Requirements

Low tech: SMS, phone calls, radio, IVR
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Global, United States

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English, Spanish, French, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Multiple Languages


“Memria cuts across this year’s Summit themes – ‘Equity and Inclusion’ and ‘Carrots, Sticks, and Tools’ – as a tool that enables organizations, institutions and social enterprises to literally hear the voices of people they may not otherwise be able to hear because of distance, cost, or power dynamics. Collecting these stories created a space for all feedback community voices to be heard.”

Meg VanDeusen 

Feedback Labs

“In our work supporting an innovative community giving initiative, we heard from the community about the importance of grounding our work in stories and were looking for an additional story-based approach to weave in to our listening methodology. We discovered Memria, and they helped us to collect and analyze stories from people living with or affected by HIV across the US and Puerto Rico in order to support our client in developing an initiative that centers on and elevates the voices of the community.”

Tiffany Smith
TCC Group

Memria can help you in the following stages of your feedback journey:

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Clients work with constituents to develop story-collection projects that help them to gain insight from feedback. 

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Clients interested in Memria’s tools are able to create a Project and invite participants via email invite, social media, or a direct link. Participants (called Storytellers) record audio or write, preview, and submit their story and, if they choose, upload relevant photographs. Participants can anonymously submit their stories as well.

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Stories (usually short audio responses) can be collected remotely or in-person, in response to prompts on the platform. Clients review and publish select feedback stories to their public project page, or they use them as confidential feedback.

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Once the stories are in the platform, clients can use machine learning to analyze materials for insights. Additionally, clients can edit audio, tag and organize stories, and generate  transcripts for selected audio recordings.

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The platform is based on a prompt-and-reply methodology. Both stories and syntheses can be published and shared with constituents. 

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Stories produce insights which can then be used to course correct. 

The Details

With voice you can capture authenticity, immediacy, and sentiment. What makes this tool so unique is that it is highly scalable. If you think of a spectrum where surveys fall on one side and focus groups on the other, Memria’s platform would be in between, able to  capture and analyze voice submissions with a scalable element built in.

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Method and Tech Requirements

Audio and text recording to capture feedback.

Speakalyze: Our client designs a set of prompts, which can be in voice, text or video. Participants must have access to a recording device and their responses can be sent through whatsapp memos, computer, etc. Storytellers are encouraged to use short entries (3-5 minutes.) Memria can also sometimes erect Story Booths at conferences using chromebooks, microphones and, if desired, a simple partition for privacy for people can sit and respond to questions.  

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Memria is based on a subscription model, with a fee of $90/ monthly or $1000/ year. This allows for unlimited story requests and unlimited stories to be collected. Transcription is a small extra fee.

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This tool can be used across the globe. Corporations, NGOs, Alumni Associations, Political Organizations, Historical Societies, Educators, Libraries, and archives have used this tool.

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English, Spanish, French, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. However, questions can be asked in any language either written, via audio or video. Transcription is also available in 20+ languages. 

Learn more

Case Studies

Read about the impact of listening and feedback through Memria in short case-studies on the Feedback Labs Feedback Summit 2018 and Defend Rights: Collecting and sharing stories of Human Rights Defenders around the world.

Also see these examples of Memria’s tools in action: 


Memria works with a wide variety of partners who share a desire to gain greater insight by using personal autobiographical accounts from their constituents. These include organizations like the Norwegian Human Rights Fund and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Colombia; libraries and educational institutions, including the Desmond Fish Library and Alumni Office of the University of California, Berkeley; and companies such as a major Pharmaceutical company. 


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