Insights.US is a civic engagement tool to engage your community and build trust. The platform offers over 1,000 questions (and the ability to customize them) that you use to collect feedback, see responses, gain insights, and promote a two side commitment of change. Once constituents answer the question, it becomes documented into a short qualitative list which provides organizations with bottom-line insights on what their community advises. You then can automatically send personalized impact updates to the individuals and update them on their personal impact (you said… we learned… we decided). Insights emphasizes the need for visibility when closing the feedback loop. You can figure out how to collect data, but how to close the loop is what is most difficult. The design of this tool is not simply getting answers. You are able to see the entire loop, answers to insights to decisions and encourage a two side commitment. This enables decision makers to address the advice of their stakeholders and not rely solely on computer analyzing. 

Fast Facts

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Electronic surveys

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Tech Requirements

High tech: Smart phone/tablet apps, requires internet
Low tech: SMS, phone calls, radio, IVR
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Global, United States

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Multiple Languages, English


“Gaining buy-in to implement decisions can be challenging. Having the distilled opinions helped us overcome that obstacle…”

Carl Siegmund

Customer Experience Team Lead, U.S. Department of State

“We are doing here something we haven’t done before: thinking together with our stakeholders. I want to thank Insights.US for this unique platform…”

Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef

Former CEO of Israel’s National Insurance Institute

“I was excited to see the response rate. The insights were innovative and visionary. This community center will be built together with our residents…”

Ron Hulday

Mayor of Tel-Aviv

“Using the Insights platform, we were able to incorporate the knowledge of experts efficiently and effectively. I could easily imagine using it for future decisions…”

Kirsten Witte 

Director at Bertelsmann Foundation

Insights.US can help you in the following stages of your feedback journey:

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By engaging with other community members, The motivation to participate goes up (ex. Individuals heavily affected by COVID.)

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Insights.US offers over 1,000 questions that are customizable to the user. Its methodology, as explained in its help center, was validated by 150+ organizations from 5 different countries.

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Users of Insight’s tools have the ability to send open-ended questions  to the individuals that they are surveying through emails, web pages, text messages, social networks and whatsapp messages (coming soon!)

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Insights does the analysis of open-ended answers for its clients, integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence of algorithms) and CI (Collective Intelligence of participants). By asking participants to perform small, analytical tasks, the platform can group similar statements together quickly and efficiently. Organizations get bottom-line insights on what their community is offering, verified by the Insights team. Therefore, it is not 100% computer analyzing.

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Once receiving the insights from the Analyze stage, surveyors can automatically send responses to the individuals in order to update them on their personal impact. These messages include a specific quote from the user’s answer (“You said…”), a collective insight (“We learned…”) and a short response of the decision makers (“We decided…”). 

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The responses are aggregated into insights, which encourage a two side commitment. In the dialogue stage, you were able to respond to your community in a personalized way. From there, you begin to manage change together, with a stronger buy-in and a sense of community ownership.

The Details

Insights.US is unique in how it provides visibility in closing the loop. Closing the loop is often the most difficult step. With Insights, it’s not just about getting answers: you collect feedback, see responses, gain insights on what those mean, and promote a two side commitment of change by sending personalized impact updates to each participant. Through this process, decision makers have community driven insights, extracted from the open-ended input added by the participants. The platform integrates computer analysis with crowdsourcing to group similar answers and generate insights to address questions and strategically determine next steps.

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Method and Tech Requirements

Using Insights.US’ civic Engagement tool, you can click a new project, define a goal and pick a consulting question relevant to your specific goal. You then have your own consultation’s page, which you can personalize with a bio, background and theme, as well as invite others. This tool includes a system that sends personalized text messages or emails to constituents. Your citizens can answer questions with free text, so that Insights.US can extract quality insights for you. Their AI & NLP algorithms will group similar statements and ask participants to verify the matches.

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Starts at $20,000 a year and increases by size of organization. In addition to the platform, this price includes a strategic advisor/ consultant to structure questions, define the best engagement channels and verify the insights before organizations receive them.

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Can be used across the globe by cities, nonprofits and governments.

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Website is offered in English, German or Hebrew. The survey tools can be translated into any language!


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