Delighted is a turnkey customer experience platform that helps you measure, monitor, and improve customer experiences. Powered by Delighted AI, a purpose-built algorithm tuned on the millions of survey results, Delighted optimizes and automates feedback collection and analysis, so you can spend more time acting on the feedback you receive.

Fast Facts

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Benchmarking, Comparative Analysis, Data Mapping, Electronic micro-surveys, Electronic surveys, Impact database, Machine learning, Remote collection (via webform)

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Tech Requirements

High tech: Smart phone/tablet apps, requires internet

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United States, Global

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English, Multiple Languages


“Of all the platforms I use professionally, Delighted is the easiest to use and has the best customer service.”

Craig S.

Operations Manager at CommonBond

“Delighted is a way to get into customer experience that isn’t going to overwhelm internal teams. It’s going to provide actionable feedback, make you grow as a company, and allow you to provide better services.”

Dave Amirault

Director of Marketing at Pagely

“By enabling us to see how we are doing each week on customer experience, Delighted has utterly transformed Bonobos. Most surveys are static; this is a living breathing part of our culture.”

Andy Dunn

Founder and CEO at Bonobos

“It is a great interface that interacts smoothly with our other systems. We love it.”

Alix B.

Director of Customer Experience at ArchiveSocial

KoboToolbox can help you in the following stages of your feedback journey:

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Delighted allows you to customize user-friendly surveys (NPS, CSAT, PMF, CES, 5-star, Thumbs, Smileys) for every touchpoint.

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Surveys can be sent via Email, SMS, or with a link. Users can also share surveys directly on their website or in app.

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Delighted specializes in NPS surveys, which measure customer loyalty and satisfaction and helps organizations interpret feedback by providing data analysis tools and visualizations to identify areas of celebration and improvement. The platform also allows for segmenting feedback via intelligent survey routing based on specific criteria to ensure customers receive relevant surveys based on their interactions or profile and enhance the accuracy and specificity of feedback.

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Delighted enables organizations to define and automate follow-up actions. You can create custom follow-up questions to the feedback you receive, and Delighted will send alerts to relevant team members.

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The Reports page provides personalized impact dashboards that can be shared with stakeholders. Using text analysis, Delighted will identify trends and patterns seen in your feedback. Triggers can be set to funnel feedback to specific people or platforms.

The Details

When it comes to your surveying platform, you can accomplish a lot with very little. The key is to focus on questions that will lead to the user insights you’re looking for. Delighted helps you cut out the noise while speeding up your time to action. They have a guided approach to surveying whether you’re looking to create your own survey from scratch, or use one of their pre-built program templates.

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Method and Tech Requirements

The entire Delighted platform is mobile optimized. Delighted offers a variety of collection methods such as email, web, kiosk, link, QR code, and in-app with the iOS SDK.

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Delighted offers four pricing tiers ranging from free to Enterprise. The free pricing plan includes three users, 1,000 surveys per month, one survey template, and one survey delivery method (Email, Web, Link, SDK). The most popular pricing plan, Premium, is $224/month. It includes 10 users, 10,000 surveys per month, and access to all available survey types and delivery methods.

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This tool is used to gather feedback across the globe by various types of organizations ranging from online retailers to healthcare providers and nonprofits. Delighted is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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The platform is offered in English only, but surveys can be created in more than 30 additional languages.  When creating the survey, you can select which language is appropriate for the set of respondents so when they access the survey page, they will see translated answer choices.

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