3TT: Community, Cooperation and Convergence

The Sarathi Development Foundation aims to empower children, adolescent girls, women, and communities by placing them in the driver’s seat of the development process. Beginning as a technical resource organization, we grew to focus on supporting and facilitating a process for our constituents to command the development process on their own by integrating the wisdom and resources of the children, adolescent girls, and women that we serve.

Is Feedback a Movement?

In our first blog of 2017, we shared our Feedback Resolutions with you. It was a fun and useful exercise, a way of sharing a little bit of our personalities on the blog and a chance for each of us to reflect on what it takes to keep improving our personal feedback practices. And it was heartening to see others in our network take up the idea, sharing their own commitments to feedback in the new year.

New Year, New Feedback

Here at Feedback Labs we are always looking for ways to incorporate feedback into our work. It isn’t always easy to ask for, hear and act on honest feedback, and we are constantly striving to improve our practice. In honour of the new year, we share with you our 2017 Feedback Resolutions!

3TT: The Fear of Feedback

“Feedback is great but if you just lived and breathed it – it’s hard to hear.”This insight from one of my clients perfectly captures a major barrier to closing feedback loops. Hearing feedback is hard. Accepting the feedback someone gives you, really considering it and then incorporating it into your actions, is a scary and deceptively difficult thing to do.