dennis whittle

Core Belief

Everyone should have an equal chance to be heard and to achieve.

Feedback Superpower

Turning voices into conversations.

Management Mantra

You don’t need my permission, but you do need to ensure it is spectacular.

Dennis Whittle

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis co-founded and leads Feedback Labs. He has worked for over 30 years in international aid and philanthropy. He is a co-founder of GlobalGiving, the first global crowdfunding website, where he was CEO from 2000 to 2010. GlobalGiving has mobilized over $320 million for 19,000 projects in 170 countries, fueled by hundreds of thousands of individual donors and 225 leading companies and foundations.

From 1986-2000, Dennis was an economist at the World Bank, where he worked in Indonesia, Russia, Papua New Guinea, and Niger on agriculture, housing reform, energy efficiency, structural adjustment, and innovation. His New Products Team created the Innovation and Development Marketplaces in the late 1990s.

Dennis is currently a Visiting Scholar at New York University and has in the past served as Executive Chairman of Ashoka Changemakers, Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University, Professor of the Practice and Entrepreneur in Residence at UNC-Chapel Hill, Visiting Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and economist at USAID and the Asian Development Bank. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was a Morehead Scholar, and of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton.
Megan Campbell

Core Belief

Local government is an underutilized key to closing feedback loops.

Feedback Superpower

Making implicit assumptions explicit

Management Mantra

Hold strong opinions lightly.


Megan Campbell

Research and Learning Senior Manager

Megan helps to set the learning objects and agenda for Feedback Labs by helping determine the right questions to ask, and how we should ask them. She manages the blog and other writing, and leads research and experimentation.

A systems design engineer by training, Megan has over a decade of experience promoting adaptive implementation in international development. She lived for five years in Malawi, working with Engineers Without Borders Canada to help national and local government officers experiment and develop new ways to improve water and sanitation service delivery. As Co-Director of EWB’s program in Malawi, Megan focused on finding ways to strengthen formal and informal feedback loops in the Malawian water and sanitation sector. She firmly believes that helping information travel within a system is a key prerequisite for learning and iterative improvement.

Upon her return to Canada Megan took on the management of Engineers Without Borders’ incubation portfolio. In that role, Megan mentored and supported early stage social enterprises working to transform service delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, Megan worked with the Global Delivery Initiative secretariat at the World Bank to promote a common language with which to explore service delivery challenges and solutions. Megan is an Action Canada fellow and advisor to Fail Forward, and cheers with futility for the Toronto Blue Jays. She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.


Core Belief

Feedback comes from people, not about them.

Feedback Superpower

Identifying common ground between opposing voices.

Management Mantra

Adapting is hard. Do it anyways.


Sarah Hennessy

Chief of Staff and Product Manager

Sarah manages the organization and day-to-day strategy and function of Feedback Labs, including member management, outreach, development, event organization, and more. She also manages LabStorms and Sprint Relays. Sarah likes to think about how we can use feedback not only to make better decision in aid and philanthropy, but how citizen voice can be an important tool for highlighting, amplifying, and codifying voices in the present minority.

After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in epidemiology and public health, Sarah somehow managed to leave behind the palm trees and 70 degree winters to return to the east coast, where she got her start in DC working at Ashoka. She now splits her time between Feedback Labs and GlobalGiving, where she works with the impact team to explore and design incentives around behavior changes toward greater organizational effectiveness (via feedback!). Off the clock, Sarah enjoys rock climbing, trying new flavors of decaf coffee, reading SCOTUSblog, and listening to lots and lots of podcasts (check out Tiny Spark!).


Core Belief

The people we often underestimate are the most capable agents of change.

Feedback Superpower

Cultivating action on skills people have yet to discover.

Management Mantra

Leaders clear the path for others to run down.


Meg VanDeusen

Operations and Finance Manager

Meg oversees the admin, finance, and day-to-day operations of the Labs. After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Meg spent two years working in education systems abroad. She likes to think about how classroom engagement strategies translate into the feedback field and the role that listening plays in the co-creation of development programs.

As a lifelong student of culture and community, Meg has conducted research on women and girls and directed education projects across the globe including Amsterdam, Uganda, India, and Malaysia. Meg graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain scholar with a B.A. in Anthropology and Women's Studies. Following graduation she served as the On Site Administrator at Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a residential school and poverty alleviation program in rural India. Most recently, as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in rural Malaysia, Meg focused on increasing female student voice in her classrooms and collaborated with the Islamic State Police to create a girl’s leadership program. In her spare time, Meg can be found experimenting with new recipes, on hiking adventures, or keeping tabs on her former students.


Core Belief

Put development decisions in the hands of countries themselves.

Feedback Superpower

Drawing connections from received information.

Management Mantra

Make clear decisions and be persistent.


Ying He

Operations Intern

Ying supports the Labs' operations team and uses her perspectives as a beginner to the feedback community to create the new "Feedback 101" product. She is currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, majoring in Public Policy and Economics. With a thirst for knowledge, Ying decided to leave her home in Shanghai to come study in United States, whose education system is considered one of the finest (and most expensive) in the world!The complexity of state governance drew her to become a policy student, and during her internship at the Labs has realized the inequality of power distribution within the states and across the world. Intrigued by how power is related to international reform initiatives, she hopes to study to become an expert on the topic one day! Ying loves her time interning in DC and she feels that the Feedback Labs has gave her a lot of inspiration on her future pursuit. In her spare time, Ying enjoy reading romance novels, watching movies and laughing.