Collaborative brainstorm sessions designed to help an organization wrestle with a challenge related to feedback loops, with the goal of providing actionable suggestions.
LabStorms are attended by Members and
invited guests.

Upcoming LabStorms

March 9
9:00 am

Carvajal Foundation

Facilitators: Manuel Jose Carvajal, Maria Rosario Carvajal, Mario Gonzalez, Beatriz Castro, David Alejandro Gironza, and Erika Acevedo

April 6
9:00 am

New Philanthropy Capital:
User-centered Philanthropy

Facilitators: Tris Lumley

March 23
9:00 am

Village X

Facilitators: Michael Buckler

April 20
9:00 am

Ground Truth Solutions

Facilitators: Andrew Hassan, Eva Erlach, and Valentina Shafina

Feedback Labs members are invited to propose and lead LabStorms. For more information, please contact Sarah Hennessy at

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Feedback Labs has held LabStorms with the following organizations:

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Navigating the feedback relationship with government officials

Increasing citizen motivation to combat feedback fatigue
Ashoka Changemakers

Feedback Labs Toolkit
Biomimicry Institute

Looking to nature to understand feedback systems
Charity Navigator

Empowering CN 3.0
Center for Global Development

Deliberative Polling: a new way to think about the focus group
Frontline SMS + Social Impact Lab

Experiment design- designing citizen-powered environment sensors in Brazilian Amazon
Frontline SMS + Internews

Placing air pollutions centers at bus stations- once you have the tech, then it’s about the uptake
Global Giving

Increasing organizational effectiveness via the GlobalGiving Effectiveness Dashboard

Social Impact Academy
Ground Truth

Experiment design- Integrating education data sets in Kibera
Keystone Accountability

Designing slick and easy feedback portals that you actually want to use

Increasing organizational interoperability via the Feedback Commons
International Civil Society Center

Designing new frameworks for accountability in the digital space
Labor Link

Strengthening accountability via mobile technology
Root Value

Increasing traceability in supply chains while driving value to many stakeholders
Stanford Digital Society

Feedback, transparency, and data ownership in the new philanthropy sector
TNK Analysts
Building feedback loops into community financial products
Transparencia e Integridade

Designing an online citizen-government feedback loop
World Bank

Information is power, but there’s a specific way it must be implemented

Designing feedback collection systems

Feedback Loops to Reduce Corruption in International Aid

Data ownership and feedback