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Feedback Labs (FBL) believes that listening to the people we seek to serve isn’t just the right thing to do morally and ethically; it’s also often the smart thing to do in terms of impact. Feedback Labs is a consortium of over 300 organizations working to create new norms in the philanthropy, aid, and governance sectors that put regular people  in the driver's seat, with experts in a supporting role during program selection, design, implementation, and evaluation.  Under the FBL umbrella, a wide range of implementing agencies, research and policy groups, technology developers, foundations, government agencies  and others come together to put three questions front and center:  What do regular people want to make their lives better? Are we helping them get it? If not, what should we do differently? Feedback Labs is dynamic and growing. We are looking for individuals who feel passionately about our theory of change and have the drive and analytical prowess to help us rapidly shape this movement and our role within it.

Positions Available:

We have 3 internship positions available in a full or part-time capacity for current or recent graduate and undergraduate students for the spring semester of 2018. Apply by January 5, 2018.


For general inquiries, please contact