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Diversify, Adapt and Innovate

Thanks to the International Civil Society Center for this summary of their recently released report Diversify, Adapt and Innovate: Changing ICSO Business Models. Find the full report here.

DIVERSIFY, ADAPT & INNOVATE from animanova on Vimeo.
In 2013, the International Civil Society Centre’s report Riding the Wave identified global trends likely to cause disruption in international civil society organisations (CSOs). We saw political disruption as the space for civic action decreases; technological disruption given …

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Bringing Public Consultation into the 21st Century

There is a crisis in the public consultation world.
Citizens have lost confidence in public consultations. They feel jaded. They no longer trust their decision makers, whether it be business leaders, politicians, or bureaucrats. They think that if—for example—there is a proposed real estate development, it will happen whether they have a say in it or not.
The current state of public consultations leaves a lot to be desired. Public meetings have …

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Feedback Labs selected as Fund for Shared Insight grantee

I’m thrilled to announce that Feedback Labs was selected as one of 14 organizations to receive a grant from the Fund for Shared Insight – in the first round of grants they awarded since launching in September.
We applied for this grant because we saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with a stellar group of funders that are coming together to effect a quantum leap in the way the philanthropy …

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What Works in ICT4D and M4D? Questions as Jargon

Repost from Anna Levy at SIMLab
November 18, 2014
Figuring out a role for technology in rural health service delivery, urban utility provision, anti-corruption, humanitarian relief efforts, or group lending initiatives is not just useful, it’s increasingly inevitable. The rise of ICT4D and M4D approaches has revived questions and debates that have confronted international development practitioners for decades. Asking ‘what works’ is one of these questions. Intended as a sounding board for deeper inquiry, …

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Closing the Citizen Feedback Loop

Reposted from The Center for Effective Philanthropy
What do people actually want?
Are they getting it?
If not, then what should we do differently?
These are the three questions that should be at the center of any funder’s strategy and operations. Yet they are far from the radar screen of many funders and implementing organizations, both domestic and international. Feedback Labs, with founding members Keystone Accountability, GlobalGiving, 
Development Gateway, Ashoka, Frontline SMS, Twaweza,Ushahidi, and GroundTruth, are committed to helping funders find …