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Closing the Citizen Feedback Loop

Reposted from The Center for Effective Philanthropy
What do people actually want?
Are they getting it?
If not, then what should we do differently?
These are the three questions that should be at the center of any funder’s strategy and operations. Yet they are far from the radar screen of many funders and implementing organizations, both domestic and international. Feedback Labs, with founding members Keystone Accountability, GlobalGiving, Development Gateway, Ashoka, Frontline SMS, Twaweza,Ushahidi, and GroundTruth, are committed to helping funders find …

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The World Bank’s 100% citizen feedback agenda: a daunting challenge ...

By Fredrik Galtung, crossposted from Integrity Action

On 10 October 2014, at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meeting in Washington Integrity Action co-organized a session on the 100% feedback agenda with Tucker Severson from and Jean-Louis Sarbib from and
When Jim Yong Kim addressed the World Bank/IMF annual meeting in October 2013 he outlined a vision of “One Group and Two Goals.”[1] During his 2013 speech, Jim Kim highlighted three examples of indicators of improved performance …

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The Leadership Factor

By Isabella Jean, Director of Evaluation and Learning, CDA
September 30, 2014
On a sweltering Port-au-Prince day in May 2013, I sat down to interview a senior staff member at an international organization in Haiti and listened to him exclaim, “We have the information! Now we need to move towards utilization!”  What are the barriers, I asked.  He described many, including external pressures to deliver tangible results (and reports!) and internal organizational …

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TOMORROW: DC-based FBL event!

Listening on the Ground: Effective Feedback Loops in Humanitarian Contexts
When: Tuesday, September 23rd
Where: OpenGov Hub
1110 Vermont Ave NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC  20005

Feedback Labs and InterAction will co-host a launch event to introduce a recently released resource on effective feedback loops in humanitarian settings to organizations in Washington DC. The guidance document will be of particular interest to practitioners focused on improving participatory monitoring, feedback and accountability systems within aid organizations.
In March 2014, ALNAP and CDA finalized an …

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Portraying feedback mechanisms in aid: A no-brainer communications str...

By Jennifer Lentfer of  9/9/14
By demonstrating how feedback works and why it’s important, communicators can help shape the global development narrative.
People are hungry to change international organizations’ communications strategies so that their public face is no longer at odds with their programs and their mission.
How do I know? Because the publication, The Development Element: Guidelines for the future of communicating about the end of global poverty, has already been …