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This just in! Feedback Labs at OxfordJam, April 10th!

Feedback Labs is happy to announce that we will be holding 20 minute advice sessions this year at Oxford Jam! We’re now signing folks up for these advice sessions through this form. If you have any trouble, please email
And the esteemed advisors are (drumroll please):
David Bonbright, Keystone Accountability
Caroline Fiennes, Giving Evidence
Claire Schouten, Integrity Action
Daniel Robinson, Nominet Trust
We only have this powerhouse team available from 10am-1pm on …

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Open-Community-Collaborative Data for Land Rights and Tenure: OpenStre...

Crossposted from GroundTruth Initiative’s blog. Thanks Erica and Mikel!
Mikel presented last week at the 2014 Land and Poverty Conference, hosted by the WB’s Agriculture and Development Program, on OpenStreetMap, a transformational open data project that closes feedback loops by integrating community-generated data. 

The generation, management, and distribution of land tenure and land rights spatial data is generally restricted in traditional closed information architectures, in part for legitimate legal and security reasons. …

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Storytelling Part 2: Prove It!

Crossposted from GlobalGiving Marc Maxson’s blog.
I am frequently asked for specific examples of how an organization can adopt the storytelling method to its specific programs. Here are case studies from my recent visits to UK-based organizations that are on the verge of implementing listening projects to evaluate their programs.
Case #1: Building Comparable Stories
For decades an organization has sought to bring together peoples and foster cultural understanding. The impact of their …

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How to understand the impact of aid projects? Storytelling!

Crossposted from How Matters blog, big thanks to Jennifer Lentfer!
Why aid projects fail is a big, multifaceted question. But I think I can shed light on why we seem to go in circles around the answers. In order to say more, I need to explain where my answer comes from.
From 2010 to 2013, GlobalGiving’s network in East Africa collected tens of thousands of narratives about any “community effort” that a citizen had …

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TechStat: Utilizing Feedback Loops to Drive Your Agency’s Perfor...

“Government must become accountable to the people of our city,” said former Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty. It was a powerful promise that resonated with me, not just as a resident of the city, but also as a staff member of Fenty’s city administration.
Upon entering office in 2007, Mayor Fenty launched the CapStat performance management group within the Mayor’s office to improve service delivery for citywide issues. Based on …