Hello, I am the Director for Research and Innovation at Busara and am interested in all things research methods and data. I lead the portfolio of experimental research at Busara which is the bridge between academia and consulting, as well as, focus on developing a network of decision labs to contribute to evidence based approaches in the Global South. I also lead development and implementation of creative and innovative research products – at the core of this is exploring what it means for data to be inclusive and how to conduct research that supports the dignity of research participants.

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Anisha Singh


Busara Center for Behavioral Economics is an advisory and research organisation that utilizes behavioral science to help clients develop, evaluate and implement behavioral, economic, and social interventions in the Global South. Busara’s approach prioritizes rigor, relevance, and creativity, and relies on deep collaboration with clients and partners across a variety of sectors, including government, the private sector, international organisations, NGOs, and academics. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Busara is currently active in more than 20 countries across Africa, Latin America and Asia. Busara has worked extensively to develop novel methods and tools, and a unique experimental approach to understanding behavior across the Global South.