October 4 – 5 | Washington, DC

Feedback Summit 2018: The Expected Thing

At previous Summits, we’ve discussed how feedback is Right Thing, the Smart Thing, the Feasible Thing, and the Powerful Thing to do.

This year, we are going to talk about how to make it the Expected Thing to do. What will it take to get to a tipping point where listening to and acting on feedback from the people we seek to serve becomes the new norm for funders, program designers, and services providers?

What combination of carrots, sticks, and tools are required to reach this tipping point? What can we learn from other successful efforts to build new fields and movements? How can organizations and networks band together and jointly lead something that is bigger than any organization alone can deliver?

Our motto for this year will be “Actions speak louder than words.” Feedback Summit 2018 will be driven by action-oriented leaders in philanthropy, aid, government, impact investing, and frontline service delivery. 

If just talking is your thing, the Summit may not be right for you. If getting field-changing things done – in collaboration with others – is your thing, then join us.

Already taking action? Looking to collaborate with others to help make feedback the Expected Thing? Host a session at Feedback Summit 2018.

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Missing the Feedback Summit? Read a recap of what happened on Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, what we learned this year, and how we’ll be responding to the community’s feedback in the coming months.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Feedback Labs believes that regular people – whether we call them beneficiaries, constituents, or citizens – should be driving the policies and programs that affect them. The Feedback Summit is a two-day, engaging event that brings together practitioners and experts in aid, philanthropy, governance, and impact investing. The Feedback Summit uniquely positions you to participate in the changing face of development.

This year we need your help to feature frontline practitioners and increase our diversity, equity and inclusion. Contact Meg at summit@feedbacklabs.org to propel us to the tipping point of making feedback the expected thing to do.

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