Feedback LabsOctober 4, 2018

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What an incredible first day of the Feedback Summit! Thanks to our outstanding speakers and attendees for diving in to a day full of action-oriented sessions focused on making feedback the expected thing to do.

The day opened with a bit of a “take-over” – this year’s Summit Advisory Board oriented us all around the Summit’s creation by the feedback community. This change, making feedback the expected thing to do, is driven by you – the feedback champions.

This year, we examine what it will take for feedback to become the Expected Thing to do. What are some of the key ingredients? First, collaboration. No one organization can do this alone!

Second, common understanding and approaches to what we mean by feedback, and that requires shared principles, a common language, and the right carrots sticks and tools.

Third, we as a community need keep our eyes on the main goal: greater equity and inclusion.

One way this year’s Summit has increased the diversity of perspectives and lived experiences, is by learning from the GlobalGiving Disaster Feedback Fellows. These 10 outstanding fellows came from across the globe to both inspire and learn with the Feedback Community.

And their messages are quickly picking up steam!

At lunch, we heard from the Children’s Law Center about how feedback can’t be an add-on, but must be embedded into the process at all levels – and what it takes to get there!

The afternoon was not only action-oriented, but also full of collaboration across organizations!

Finally, we closed the day with an inspiring conversation from Korvi Rakshand on the youth movement in Bangladesh.

Day one might have initiated more questions than answered, but they’re questions we’re excited to dive into with you tomorrow! And as Benny Samuels said, there’s no one coming to save us. This is it. We’re the movement.

So, will you join us?

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