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Your Feedback

You speak. 

We listen. 

What's our Net Promoter Score?

How strong is our feedback loop?

"How likely is it that you would recommend the Toolkit to a friend or colleague?"

Feedback Toolkit's overall score is 69.



"I think it might be helpful to set the lowest "bar" [on the Quiz] even lower. I found I had to click "I don't know" for a few, even though "I knew"-- it just wasn't an option for me to choose 'My organization does not solicit feedback'."

        "This [quiz] is good, but still a bit jargon-y."


 "The Quiz has been fun. Will there be follow up with suggestions on how we can better make use of feedback? Or a score we will be assessed on how well we close feedback loops? Our organization would like to know of effective ways to solicit feedback since, to this day, we just rely on an annual survey and occasional interviews with constituents. Thank you!" 


"Can you show your NPS as a trend rather than just a number?"



Great point! We're going to be adding a "none of the above" option in our next iteration. Stay tuned!  


  Temporary solution - Glossary terms are linked at the top of the Quiz page. Coming soon - another iteration of the Quiz! 



Check out your Quiz Results page, which identifies your organization's strengths and weaknesses along the feedback loop. 


Great idea! We plan to implement this in the coming version. 

*updated weekly, see all feedback ever received here

What are users saying?


"A quiz that tracks my results over time"  

"Saving my favorite resources in the library" 

 "Building a profile for my organization - with quiz results from multiple staff and constituents" 

"Can I get points for closing my loop?"

"You guys should work with Charity Navigator!"

 "What if a higher feedback loop score was more likely to get funded?"