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Feedback Labs strives to make people's voices heard and valued in the social sector. That's a big task, and we certainly can't do it alone. Have an idea for us? Have suggestions on how we can make our site better? Want to partner with us?

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What's our Net Promoter Score?

Our Net Promoter Score is a measure of people’s overall perception of Feedback Labs. People who rate Feedback Labs between 90-100 are loyal enthusiasts, people who rate between 70-80 are satisfied with our offerings but not too excited, and people who rate below 60 do not find much value in Feedback Labs.


2015 - 48  

2016 -37 

 2017 - 18 

 2018 - 71 


2018 - 80

2019 - 92

What are users saying?

We are responding to your feedback!

In order to close the loop, we can’t just listen to feedback - we also have to respond to it! Take a look at the ways we have responded to your feedback over the years.



"I think it might be helpful to set the lowest "bar" [on the Quiz] even lower. I found I had to click "I don't know" for a few, even though "I knew"-- it just wasn't an option for me to choose 'My organization does not solicit feedback'."


"We want more frontline implementers and feedback “givers” represented at Feedback Summits."


 "We would love a Summit venue outside of DC!" 


"Can you show your NPS as a trend rather than just a number?"


"You should work with Charity Navigator!"



Great point! We're going to be adding a "none of the above" option in our next iteration. Stay tuned!  


  We agree, and that’s why we’re taking Feedback+ on the road! Each Feedback+ will feature local changemakers. We are also continuing to invest in our Feedback Fellows program and other scholarship opportunities which bring frontline implementers around the world to our Summits.

This was the most frequent feedback we got from past Summit attendees, and because of you, we can’t wait to learn and grow with you in both New York on October 11, 2019, in San Juan, Puerto Rico February 26-28, 2020, and beyond! 


Great idea! We plan to implement this in the coming version. 


We are! The Feedback Principles were created in collaboration with Charity Navigator.