Congratulations! You're ahead of the pack (your fellow quiz-takers) in Course Correct, but could use the most improvement in Analyze.

So, toolkit, it looks like you've taken this quiz before!  Compare these results with your past results.

(13 out of 20)
(6 out of 20)
(9 out of 20)
(1 out of 20)
(6 out of 20)
Course Correct
(9 out of 20)
Your Feedback Loop

What do these results mean?

Each   bar   refers to one step in the closed feedback loop. Your score is denoted by the blue bar. In addition to your score, the red line in each step represents the "benchmark," the average score of other organizations that have taken this Quiz, so you can see how your organization compares.
As you can see, the steps of the feedback loop are not equally easy; many organizations are working to improve in dialogue and course correct.

Your overall score is 69 out of 100

Your overall score tells you how you're doing compared to the rest of the folks who have taken the quiz. To get this score, your individual step scores are weighted by the relative difficulty of each step, and then added together.

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