Muhammad Rayhaan Ismail Sooliman

Waqful Waqifin Foundation (Gift of the Givers Foundation)

South Africa

At the Gift of the Givers Foundation in South Africa, Muhammad Sooliman is focused on disaster response and management, search and rescue, and humanitarian relief. Gift of the Givers has a permanent presence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Palestine, and Muhammad is proud to report that they responded to all four disasters in sub-Saharan Africa last year. 

Since Gift of the Givers was founded by Muhammad’s family 27 years ago, it has expanded to offer a myriad of programs, and Muhammad, now a father of 3, is happy to hold a permanent position in the organization. He is excited to share with the Fellows group how he builds relationships with communities and tips for reacting to good or bad situations.

Gift of the Givers Foundation

To promote, encourage and project these principles in all its dimensions, within and beyond South Africa’s borders. To benefit all of creation, in keeping with these principles, including service to plant, animal , environment and all of humanity irrespective of race, religion, colour, culture, political affiliation or geographical boundary. This service to be conducted in a non-judgemental manner. To uphold the dignity and honour of man, striving to make him self-sufficient and independent at the time of crisis or otherwise; (man refers to both genders where appropriate). To be gender-sensitive and to take a special interest in the care of children , orphans , women.