Mohammad Jawad Zawulistani

Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization


As the Managing Director of Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization, Mohammad Jawad Zawulistani is interested in initiatives that promote youth-led peace, foster dialogue and understanding and empower both youth and war victims to make meaningful societal contributions. He wants to prioritize protecting human rights in conflict-affected contexts and promoting inclusive conflict transformation policies & approaches. He serves as a member of the executive board of Bamyan Foundation, and responsible for coordinating projects with local partners in Afghanistan.

Bamyan Foundation

Bamyan Foundation is a registered non-profit and non-partisan section 501(c)(3) organization in the Washington DC area. We are dedicated to promoting and providing support to at-risk populations in Afghanistan in the following key areas: education, healthcare, women empowerment, community development and youth programs. We believe that improvements in these areas will result in sustainable and equitable social development and stability in Afghanistan.