Maura Holt-Ling


Community & Events Intern

Maura is the Community & Events intern at Feedback Labs for Spring 2020, where she will be helping plan Feedback+ San Juan. Maura is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a current junior at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studies public policy and social justice. Her primary interest is in criminal justice, an area that could benefit from more closed feedback loops. On campus, she is involved with Criminal Justice Awareness and Action and more broadly the Campus Y, Carolina’s center for social justice. She is also an Admissions Ambassador and loves talking about all things UNC. Outside of school, Maura is always looking for chances to practice her spanish, after studying in both Asunción, Paraguay and Quito, Ecuador. In pursuit of this goal, she volunteers with international students studying abroad in North Carolina. This semester, she is excited about finding all the local coffee shops in D.C. and teaching herself how to cook.

Core Belief

There is no better consult than an individual’s personal experience.

Feedback Superpower

Listening to ideas and turning turn them into actionable goals with realistic next steps

Management Mantra

Take good notes, hold each other accountable, and always be aware of the voices that are not present in the room.