Kyende Kinoti


Product Intern

Kyende is a Product Intern at Feedback Labs. She is originally from Nairobi, Kenya and has also lived in Johannesburg, South Africa and Paris, France. Kyende is a strong advocate for decolonizing development. To Kyende decolonizing development means understanding that people and communities are the experts of their own lives and letting them be at the forefront of their social change. Kyende recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she wrote a senior honors thesis that looked to understand the Black Consciousness Movement of apartheid South Africa as an ontological resistance movement. The research she did in her honors thesis will play an important role in her internship because she was proposing that the development sector should move away from a linear progressive narrative with a telos of modernity and instead allow communities to decide for themselves how they can best to adapt to their current situation. In addition to her passion for support positive social change, Kyende enjoys creative non-fiction writing, reading hiking, and playing soccer in her spare time.

Core Belief

Decolonizing and democratizing approaches are pivotal to creating real impact and change within the development world. 

Feedback Superpower

Perceiving feedback as an opportunity for growth rather than an attack on ego. 

Management Mantra

Development is not a linear progressive narrative.