Kalyn Livernois


Strategy & Fundraising Intern

Kalyn is the strategy and fundraising intern at Feedback Labs. She is an anthropology student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she focuses her coursework on medical anthropology. Her particular interest lies in reducing health disparities—which she believes to be a much more complicated problem than creating equal access to healthcare alone, rooted in a complex web of inequity. For this reason, she is excited to be part of a team that seeks to make closed feedback loops the norm as she feels that centering the voices of individuals is a key part of building systems that truly work for the people within them. Outside of work and school, she likes to read, write, be outside, hang out with her dog, and seek out good used book stores, thrift stores, coffee shops, and all places considered diners or dives.


Core Belief

Every individual deserves to feel like they are the ones in control of their own lives and circumstances.

Feedback Superpower

Working from the perspective that it always takes multiple voices and perspectives to create a representative picture

Management Mantra

You always have something to learn but also something to teach.