Ilse Berenice Garibay Dueñas

Organismo de Nutrición Infantil, A.C.


Ilse Garibay manages donor relations at Organismo de Nutrición Infantil, A.C. (ONI) the oldest non-profit in Jalisco, México. Through their nutrition and educational programs, ONI has helped children between 6 months and 6 years old that suffer or are at risk of undernourishment or obesity for over 65 years. Ilse is proud of how the organization has progressed, and the fact that ONI now reaches pregnant women in order to improve prenatal nutrition.

Through transparent communications, Ilse builds relationships with donors, listens to donor feedback, and adapts donation campaigns based on current needs. In her previous role at the organization, her work was focused on ensuring that ONI project proposals were created hand-in-hand with local indigenous communities. In both of these roles, feedback has truly been the core of her job! As a 2019-2020 Feedback Fellow, she is looking forward to sharing her advice and best practices for working with indigenous communities and learning from other Fellows best practices, past mistakes, and advice about how to best respond to emergencies.

Organismo de Nutrición Infantil, A.C.

To prevent child malnourishment and its consequences through the formation of the parents or tutors and to recover the children that suffer it through the manufacture and supply of nutritional complements and nutritional follow up in order to stimulate a well-nourished childhood since the prenatal stage.