Farah Fahd Abdulaziz Al-Wazeer

SMEPS (Small & Micro Enterprise Promotion Services)


Farah Fahd Abdulaziz Al-Wazeer, who hails from Yemen, works for The Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS). SMEPS is a young development agency established as a subsidiary of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) in Yemen in 2006. They seek to build and facilitate the economic and technical capacities of market-driven private-sector parties. The program has been a huge success: Though Yemen is in a conflict zone, and salaries have been stagnant, Farah is proud to say that SMEPS has created 75,000 jobs this year. She is excited to bring her skills to the Feedback Fellows group, including her communications abilities, her knowledge of M&E and feedback systems. She is looking forward to learning from all of the other fellows’ diverse experiences.


SMEPS makes a contribution to the world through its developmental projects by supporting businesses in Yemen to grow and be resilient, creating thousands of sustainable jobs. Supporting MSMEs and linking development activities to humanitarian needs during crisis in Yemen by focusing on: Business Development Services Value Chain Studies Entrepreneurship.