Integrity Action
Integrity Action’s community integrity building approach...more
Check My School (CMS)
Check-My-School (CMS) is a participatory monitoring...more
Medic Mobile
Medic Mobile’s platform consists of mobile and web tools...more
Family Independence Initiative
Family Independence Initiative (FII) is a U.S. nonprofit...more
VotoMobile connects citizens and policy makers through...more
Labor Link
Labor Link utilizes mobile phone surveys to collect...more
Beyond12 is working to increase the number of traditionally ...more
Micro-referendum Tool
The Micro-referendum Tool is an initiative which enables...more
VoXup is an online tool designed to improve the places...more
Yellow Seed
Yellow Seed uses mobile-enhanced tools to connect...more
Community Based Information System for Development (SIPBM)
Community Based Information System for Development is a...more
Open Intelligence (OPI)
OPI is a new, intermediary-free process of public...more