Feedback LabsNovember 4, 2017

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Exploring the role of constituent voice, the feedback community dove into unleashing the power of citizen driven feedback loops on the second day of the Feedback Summit.

The morning opened with Fagan Harris of Baltimore Corps inspiring the Feedback Community to shift the power by focusing on equity, ensuring people see themselves in the work, and giving up power in the service of efficacy.

Then we our thinking forward with sessions on what will radically change the field: Blockchain? Technologies in government? A new leg to the M&E stool?

Then, Narayan Adhikari of Accountability Lab presented attendees with challenging case studies from his own experiences engaging citizens in Nepal.

The FBL community is one of practice and purpose, but we all know it can be hard to stay true to your purpose when the feedback you get is contested and messy. Two seasoned activists, Bryan Simmons and Jessica Neuwirth, grappled with the complicated nature of using feedback in a movement.

A final set of sessions sharing ideas on adaptive management and data law left us flipping feedback to feedforward with the help of citizens.

As Feedback Summit 2017 came to a close, we asked attendees to help us decide what is next for the feedback community.

Still looking for more? Catch up on what you might have missed and keep the feedback coming as we plan for what’s next.

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