3TT: You Too Can Run for Office

Nadeem MazenMarch 23, 2017 America’s cities juggle duties in all directions, all at once. In Cambridge, our Department of Public Works Chief braves 4am snowstorm responses in-person, visits individual trees throughout spring, and manages multi-million dollar roadway projects all year long. Our Community Development Department balances zoning and special permit analysis on one hand while juggling…

3TT: Getting the best feedback from smart citizens

Mapbox Cities works with communities around the globe to encourage data-driven analysis, improve efficiency, and instill resilience. But smart cities don’t exist without engaged citizens. Establishing a constant stream of feedback from citizens, often with the help of digital tools, is key to making cities more efficient and resilient. Even in a technology driven project, feedback loops bring the human factor into the equation.

3TT: No Voice is Left Unheard

Ground Truth Solutions wants affected people’s voices to measure the success of humanitarian programmes. We systematically collect perceptual data that can be translated into actionable recommendations and contribute to programme adjustments. Through collaboration, guidance, and capacity development, Ground Truth acts as a disruptor within the humanitarian sector to center the voices of those we ultimately serve.