Feedback LabsJune 22, 2017

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We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Three Things Thursday blog series! To celebrate this milestone (in advance) we reflect on three things we’ve learned about what makes for a great Three Things Thursday blog. We’ve been inspired by the myriad of authors featured, and audiences’ they’ve reached! We’re sure that there’s a Three Things Thursday inside everyone, just waiting to be written. Does this inspire you? Pitch your ideas here or email [email protected] to contribute your own Three Things to the Feedback Labs blog!

  • Think action-oriented. The number one thing that our authors find challenging (apart from meeting the word limit!) is summarizing their experiences into practical, tangible actions. It can feel easier to come up with a broad principle or observation, but tangible actions are what our readers respond to best. Think of the advice you’d give a close friend if they were asking you what to do to overcome a challenge, like “Listen, then educate” or “Keep it light touch” or “Control is overrated.” That’s the Three Things Thursday sweet spot.
  • Be personable. Evidence shows that people learn from their peers. Personal connection is important – which is one reason we think the most popular Three Things Thursday posts are written as if the author is chatting with their audience. “The Fear of Feedback” and “The Launch of Daymaker” bring the reader into the heart of the story – from challenge to solution. Allowing the author’s unique personality and experiences is a huge part of our editing process – we want the true you to shine through. This is why we’ll be using the Three Things Thursday series to introduce Feedback Labs’s current cohort of interns over the next month!
  • Lean in to honesty. Everyone has a Three Things Thursday post inside them. From City Governments to Agile Software to Data Collection. All you have to do is reflect on and share your honest experience. What have you tried? What has worked and what hasn’t? What have you learned? You have at least three things the others could learn from – our job is to help you synthesize and share them!

Editing and promoting your Three Things Thursday blogs gives us a privileged view into the great work you are doing. Share with us your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned.

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