Basil Dogra


Marketing and Community Engagement Intern

Basil is a Marketing and Community Engagement Intern at Feedback Labs. He assists in the management of Feedback Labs’ external communication and community outreach efforts. He hails from the Christian minority of Pakistan and is passionate about the issues of his community. He is doing his bachelor’s degree in Operations Management and Economics at Forman Christian College in Lahore, Paksitan. Basil has a strong academic interest in sociology, economics and psychology of poverty as well as its relation to education of students from underprivileged backgrounds. He also has an interest in the management practices and methodologies of organizations doing social work around the world at all levels. This interest is the motivating factor behind his work at Feedback Labs as well as his academic interests. 

Basil has more than 3 years of experience working in various non-government and public policy research organizations in Pakistan. While working with nongovernment organizations he has had the chance to work on peace, interfaith harmony, hate speech, human rights and social justice. In addition, during his work with public policy think tanks, he has assisted research on issues of religious minorities and sanitation workers in Pakistan.

In his free time, Basil can be found microblogging on Twitter and Facebook, or reading articles, following debates or having deep discussions with his friends. His favorite topics are from social sciences, natural sciences, philosophy, and Pakistani, American and international politics. He also loves watching movies and Japanese animation.

Core Belief

We should aim to create a society in which every person can have equally good life no matter where they are born.

Feedback Superpower

Understanding feedback in its context and getting to the root of an issue identified by it.

Management Mantra

Asking the right question is the key.