"Saving all of my thoughts for one feedback form is inconvenient."

"What's the difference between examples, guides, and tools?"

"I don't understand my quiz results."  


 "This [quiz] is good, but still a bit jargon-y."

 "Some of the [quiz] questions have an 'I don't know' option but no 'none of the above' option"

 "In a way, I think it might be helpful to set the lowest "bar" [on the Quiz] even lower. I found I had to click "I don't know" for a few, even though "I knew"-- it just wasn't an option for me to choose 'My organization does not solicit feedback'."

 "The Quiz has been fun. Will there be follow up with suggestions on how we can better make use of feedback? Or a score we will be assessed on how well we close feedback loops? Our organization would like to know of effective ways to solicit feedback since, to this day, we just rely on an annual survey and occasional interviews with constituents. Thank you!"


"Do you accept suggestions for new tool entries?"

 "Wanted to know how one can customize this tool kit and use for any other organization. We have a national program on rural livelihood and would like to use this tool kit to be used by our state level teams to give inputs on the feedback loop they think exists in the project. Hence this tool kit would be really useful to use with little bit of customization"


"I think is great but I would say there are too many tools featured. For many staff we have found that this is the most confusing bit as there is so much out there, not everyone has everything and staff don't have the time to do the research to work out what is the best fit. It would be great if you could group them from the beginning - not sure how. Either by tool - SMS based, survey app, voice.... or even better would be something by context.... Just a thought but there are so many tools that it puts you off looking through them."


"The definitions of "decision makers", "constituents" need to be clearer, with examples of what is meant in different contexts"


"Hard to answer on whether I'd recommend the quiz until I've seen the results/ what I get out of it"


"I think the quiz is great - and will use it in different ways. That said, it is a bit long and it would be good to be able to complete only section 3 (w/o the rest) as a diagnostic tool. It would also be great if one could use a version of the tool in a seminar setting whereby all participants could give their answers in the classroom on some kind of closed system - and then everyone's responses could be aggregated and revealed as the basis for discussion."


Feedback button on every page, that sends straight to our inbox.

 See resource descriptions on the homepage.

 "What do my Quiz results mean?" section on the Quiz Results page.

 Temporary solution - Glossary terms are linked at the top of the Quiz page. Coming soon - another iteration of the Quiz!

Great point! We're going to be adding a "none of the above" option in our next iteration. Stay tuned!  


Great advice! We're going to be adding a "none of the above" option in our next iteration. Stay tuned!  



Check out your Quiz Results page, which identifies your organization's strengths and weaknesses along the feedback loop. 

 Yes, we do! Email [email protected] with your suggested resource (example, guide, or tool), and we'll get back to you with a template to fill out. Thanks for your interest!


We love this idea! We're also thinking about developing a Quiz that allows an organization to get a 360 degree understanding of their feedback loop - how do all stakeholders interacting with an organization understand their feedback loop? 



All of our resources can be sorted by different filters - including platform (SMS/IVR/browser/mobile/iOS/Android) and sector. These can be accessed via the "Advanced" tab underneath the Search bar. We also encourage everyone to take the Quiz, as this directs users to personalized results based on their areas of improvement along the feedback loop! 


Temporary solution - the help text ?s next to each question on Quiz Page 2 includes examples of the different actors. We'll be expanding the glossary definitions in our next iteration!

 Great point! We're working on getting the Net Promoter Score questions on the quiz results page, but are using this solution in the interim. We're also hoping to send follow-up emails to all Quiz takers to learn how the tool is being used, so will aim to include the NPS question in the email, as well.


Glad you found it to be a useful tool! We're thinking about making a Quiz Lite that could be used for this very purpose, and are also pursuing a white label version for more broader audiences.