Natasha Abrol


Strategy & Fundraising Intern

Natasha is the Strategy & Fundraising Intern for Summer 2020. She is a rising junior at the University of Rochester, double majoring in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Business. Her primary interests are economic development and consulting. Coming from India, she is familiar with feedback loops in the developmental and government sectors being virtually non-existent, which is what attracted her to Feedback Labs. On-campus, she works as a research assistant, tutor, and public speaking fellow. Outside school and work, she enjoys debating competitively and cooking, an activity she plans on spending much more time on this summer.

Core Belief

In the age of big data, people’s voices are more important than ever.

Feedback Superpower

Actively creating spaces to listen to the people who are least heard.

Management Mantra

Dedication always yields results.