Harness the power of SMS to communicate with everyone who matters to your organization, even those without a smartphone or internet access. Telerivet is the first ready-to-use SMS communications platform that works in any country without any need for servers or mobile network integrations. The platform is hosted on Telerivet's own cloud servers, so you can access it from any web browser or smartphone. Telerivet supports multiple ways of sending and receiving messages: Android phones, virtual phone numbers, and SMS shortcodes.

Telerivet is a scalable solution that enables us to expand from 1 to 60+ countries without writing a bunch of new code, using the same APIs and services that we know well. They offer low overhead, easy set-up, and a great browser interface that allows our San Francisco-based staff to communicate directly with our borrowers in Kenya in the way that both groups are most comfortable.

Sam Mankiewicz, Chief Technology Officer, Kiva Zip

When you operate in an area where SMS is the primary means by which people communicate, engaging with your customers can feel disjointed and difficult to track as a company. Telerivet streamlines SMS based communications and allows us to better engage our customers for the low cost of an SMS, offering better services and a solution that keeps our whole company informed no matter where they are.

Sachi, Director of Connectivity, Juabar
Telerivet uses a tool that most people in every country already have – a standard mobile phone. A cloud-based management system routes messages to and from any number of mobile devices, allowing you to reach anyone who has a mobile phone with SMS.

Our customers tell us the more they use Telerivet, the more new uses they discover. Communication barriers are quickly becoming opportunities. For example:

- A microlending organization dedicated to empowering women is connecting and communicating with regional coordinators to organize training sessions on financial literacy.
- A restaurant owner in Tanzania is using a simple subscription feature to alert customers of the daily specials.
- A large NGO is instantly gathering data and poll responses from farmers in remote areas.
- A swimming academy in Singapore is coordinating all appointments and trainings through SMS reminders. Now coaches and instructors can automatically send players game times, weather alerts, and training tips.

Kiva Zip (a project of kiva.org operating in Kenya and the United States) enables people to make direct loans to entrepreneurs in the United States and Kenya, and was one of Telerivet's first customers.

Kiva Zip needed a two-way SMS service that used local numbers to connect with users in Kenya, and were looking for alternatives to the expensive short-code system.

Kiva Zip now uses Telerivet to collect application materials from borrowers, send repayment reminders, and facilitate communication between borrowers and lenders. Kiva chose Telerivet because it was quicker to set up, easier to integrate, and cheaper to operate than other companies offering the same services. And as Kiva Zip expands into other countries, they can continue using Telerivet.

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