A key step in any survey research project is to analyze your data using Survey Analysis Software. MarketSight will help you find the insights that will support critical business decisions. MarketSight is dedicated to providing powerful and intuitive software solutions for Market Researchers. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use tools that enable researchers and analysts to focus on finding and presenting critical new insights about their business.


Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices. Members of Boston Scientific's Marketing Science Team are often involved with simultaneous projects and must provide timely decision support across several functional areas of the business. To meet the details and time pressures they faced, this group needed a tool that would allow them to quickly and analyze primary research data and collaboratively drive critical business decisions. Using MarketSight, the company is able to extract insight from market research data more efficiently than traditional analysis tools and processes. MarketSight offers a collaborative, Web-based interface and self-service approach that allows users to easily analyze quantitative research and iteratively explore data as new questions and hypotheses emerge.

"Before MarketSight, we might have tested only a few segmentations," said Kim Goldman, Senior Marketing Science Manager at Boston Scientific. "We can now test 30 or more in the same amount of time. As a results, we're able to conduct a much deeper level of analysis and make more confident business decisions."

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