Transform static documents into accurate, shareable information. Fast.

Most businesses and organizations have a lot of high value data that is hard to gather. It often arrives in non-machine readable formats like on paper or in a fax. All too often, manual data entry is the default option to get this high-quality information into spreadsheets, databases and CRM systems. Enter Captricity.

You don't have to ship your forms to workers somewhere across the world. You don't have to install big, expensive software solutions. You don't even have to install anything.

Captricity allows us to upload scans of reports received via mail, fax or .pdf and get back structured, machine-readable data that is remarkably accurate, even for free-form handwriting.

Taha A. Kass-Hout, M.D., M.S., Chief Health Informatics Officer, U.S. Government (FDA)

Captricity is saving us around 400 hours of employee time at the volume (of data) we have today. As we expand, that number will only increase.

Scott Thompson, COO, Catapult Health

We have pioneered a data extraction platform that pulls your information from paper, PDF and FAX forms and feeds it into your chosen format .csv, Salesforce, your ERP system and more.

Beyond Big Data. Smart Data. Crowd-guided machine learning enables Captricity to securely extract data from any customer input channel at 99+ percent accuracy and 50 times faster than legacy solutions.
- Go Digital. Embrace Paper: You don’t have to eliminate paper or overhaul workflows to improve the way you work. Captricity works with your existing forms and documents and integrates seamlessly with current business processes—paper-based, digital or a combination of the two. What you get in return is an accurate and complete digital record that can be viewed and downloaded from our secure website or fed directly into backend systems such as Salesforce, ERPs and business intelligence tools.
- A Complete View of Your Data: Stop settling for discovery by document title and start seeing your data in its entirety. Captricity provides on-demand access to the information you need most—from data generated by handwritten forms and scans to faxes, emails and mobile inputs. Captricity is the only data management platform to accurately extract data on-demand to help drive your business forward.
- Safeguard Data Every Step of the Way: Captricity keeps your sensitive information secure both in flight and at rest. Our proprietary Shreddr™ technology is 100 percent HIPAA compliant and U.S. government-trusted.
- Embrace the Power of Cloud: Captricity is the first cloud-native enterprise data capture system. Our platform’s award-winning user experience and self-serve REST API mean adoption is fast, upgrades are painless and workflow is scalable. Captricity also seamlessly integrates with your legacy backend systems, meaning a faster time to value.
- Deliver Value Faster: With no hardware to buy or software to install, getting started is easy; prove the value for yourself in hours instead of months or even years required by legacy on-premise solutions. Avoid errors and backlogs, and unify all of your information in the cloud so you can free staff and budget for higher-value activities.


When Kass-Hout arrived at the FDA, one of the first things he became aware of was a backlog in an important database. This one database receives about 900,000 submissions every year, 10 percent of which are submitted manually. A backlog of these forms had developed. Backlogs are typically handled by adding more manual data entry clerks, but Kass-Hout was interested in finding a more flexible, timelier, cost-efficeint and scalable solution with high-quality results. “After trying out different approaches, we identified a SaaS solution, Captricity, to help us address the paper jam with handwritten and typed reports,” Kass-Hout said. “Captricity allows us to upload scans of reports received via mail, fax or .pdf and get back structured, machine-readable data that is remarkably accurate, even for free-form handwriting.”

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