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November 2-3 | Washington DC

Feedback Labs is excited to present the third annual Feedback Summit on November 2-3, 2017 in Washington, D.C. This Summit will bring together leading thinkers, practitioners, funders, and researchers in closing feedback loops in aid and philanthropy. 

Through conversations with past and potential attendees and through session applications, we saw an emerging trend: connections are powerful. Whether it’s collaboration at the organization level, between data sets, or among individuals, we believe that our community is on to something big – we can amplify the success of our sector and the number of closed feedback loops through strong connections.

Highlights: Summit 2016


Being part of the Feedback Summits in the US and UK was a high point of my year, professionally.

Tris Lumley, New Philanthropy Capital

We’re responding to your feedback at this year’s Summit.


Our NPS surveys always leave space for verbatim feedback – and we take those words seriously! See below for how we’re planning to act on feedback this year. Read more and follow our progress here.

You Said:

This Year We Will:

“The content varied widely (which I really appreciated) [but] the topics were more advanced than I am in my journey on this topic.”

“As an organization that is newer to collecting feedback, it was interesting but a bit over my head.”

Host the inaugural 1-day crash course to equip newcomers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to close the feedback loop and provide veterans with the opportunity to brush up on the feedback terminology, concepts, and methodology. Learn more and register here!

“I found sessions to be quite uneven – some were highly engaging while others had little to do with feedback and were far more focused on the international aid community.”

Increase the number of domestic-focused sessions. It’s important to us that we make closing feedback loops accessible to all attendees, which is why we’re encouraging speakers and participants to imagine how their tips, tricks, principles, and failures are useful to those who work in different contexts from themselves.

“There were some valuable sessions, but I thought there could have been more attention to what “feedback” is, especially “smart” or valuable feedback.”

“There could have been more on the value of open-ended listening as a form of feedback.”

Dedicate time and space for “unconferenced” sessions. Feedback Summit attendees are eager to ask for, and offer advice. This desire to learn from each other sets the feedback community apart, and we want to support that. Our attendees will listen to each other and determine how that space can be used.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Feedback Labs believes that regular people – whether we call them beneficiaries, constituents, or citizens – should be driving the policies and programs that affect them. The Feedback Summit is a two-day, engaging event that brings together practitioners and experts in aid, development, and governance to interrogate the concept of feedback as the right, smart, and feasible thing to bring about improvements in these fields.

The Feedback Summit uniquely positions you to participate in the changing face of development. The summit provides an increasingly rare opportunity for cross-sector communication and deep engagement in moving the needle forward. Last year, the 150 attendees pulled from 60+ organizations including places like the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Mercy Corps, City of Austin Texas, and Brookings Institution.

This year we need your help to bring leaders from international governments, domestic non-profits, and global foundations to further enhance the quality and diverse commitments of our community. Contact Meg at to be an integral part of using feedback to create responsive, democratic, and accountable governance.

Speaker Organizations

global integrity

habitat for humanity

James Irvine Foundation

keystone accountability

Neighborhood works

Voto Mobile

World Bank

Summit 2017 Location

We’ll be hosting the Feedback Summit at the
Partnership for Public Service:

1100 New York Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20005


Getting to the Summit

Metro Center: use the 12th & G Streets exit. At the top of the escalators, turn right to walk north on 12th Street. Cross H Street and turn right on New York Avenue NW. The entrance to 1100 New York Avenue NW is on your right. Use the East elevators to reach the Partnership for Public Service on the 2nd floor.

Gallery Places/Chinatown: exit at 9th and G Streets/National Portrait Gallery. Walk west on G Street for two blocks. Turn right on 11th Street and walk one block. The entrance to 1100 New York Avenue NW is on your right. Use the East elevators to reach the Partnership for Public Service on the 2nd floor.

Parking: If you are driving, there is a parking garage below the conference building, accessible from 12th Street just past H Street. Parking is approximately $20 a day in the cash-only garage. The parking garage opens at 7 a.m.