Feedback Labs is constantly reading and learning. Here, we’d like to share with you an ongoing collection of literature (both new and old). Some is academic, some is more popular. We don’t necessary endorse or agree with everything but it all advances our thinking in different ways. Enjoy!

Looking Like a State: Techniques of Persistent Failure in State Capability for Implementation // Authors: Pritchett, Woolcock, Andrews (2012)

Politics and the New Machine: What the Turn from Polls to Data Science Means for Democracy // Author: Jill Lepore (2015)

Obtaining a Driver’s License in India: An Experimental Approach to Studying Corruption // Authors: Bertrand, Djankov, Hanna, and Mullainathan (2007)

WIDER Annual Lecture 16 // Lant Pritchett (video)

Listening to Leaders: Which Development Partners Do They Prefer and Why? // Authors: Custer et al. (Aid Data, 2015)

Six Randomized Evaluations of Microcredit: Introduction and Further Steps // Authors: Banerjee, Karlan, and Zinman (2015)

Moving Beyond Microcredit // Author: Matt Mossman (2015)

Aid, Incentives, and Sustainability: An Institutional Analysis of Development Cooperation // Authors: Ostrom, Gibson, Shivakumar, and Andersson (2001)

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty: Responses to Decline in Firms, Organizations, and States // Author: Hirschman (2013)

The Food Insecurity Experience Scale: Development of a Global Standard for Monitoring Hunger Worldwide // FAO (2014)

Rescuing Girls, Investing in Girls: A Critique of Development Fantasies // Authors: Caron and Margolin (2015)

Localizing Development: Does Participation Work? // Authors: Mansuri and Rao (2013)

The Anatomy of Failure: An Ethnography of a Randomized Trial to Deepen Democracy in Rural India //  Authors: Anathpur, Malik, and Rao (2014)

The Political Paradox of Cash Transfers // Author: Justin Sandefur (2015)

Philanthrocapitalism: A Self-Love Story // Why do super-rich activists mock their critics instead of listening to them? // Author: David Rieff (2015)

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