As we have already said here, in business, new feedback tools like Yelp,, and Kickstarter are giving power directly to consumers. These tools create an ongoing process of dialogue and response—a “feedback loop”–that motivates companies to listen to consumers and to innovate new and better products and services.

Why haven’t feedback loops given people a greater voice within governance, international development, and philanthropy? People best understand the issues that affect them and what support they need, but many institutions do not respond to citizen feedback as a core part of their work.

We need to learn more about how feedback loops can be used to achieve better results–from government services, international aid programs, philanthropy, and grassroots projects.

That’s why Feedback Labs, together with Ashoka Changemakers have launched a new competition, Closing the Loop: Feedback for Results. Top entrants will have the opportunity to access a funding pool of $10,000 or more and will receive direct consultation from Feedback Labs founding partners, and additional opportunities will be announced as the competition progresses!

We need feedback loops to help us put people in the driver’s seat of the policies and programs that impact them. Visit to submit or nominate a solution today.

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